Reorientation of the u.s. health services system

Problem 1: Evaluate and discuss this statement: Screening for diseases is a cost effective use of health resources.

Problem 2. What part(s) of the health services system, in your view, is/are most responsible for health promotion and disease prevention?

Problem 3. What factors are stimulating or are expected to stimulate a reorientation of the U.S. health services system from curative to primary care? How pervasive do you think this reorientation will become? Why?

Problem 4: Hospitals, once major providers of secondary care, have lost many of these services to other providers. Who are some of these other providers? Why has the provision of certain services shifted away from the inpatient hospital setting?

Problem 5: What functional assessment strategies measure a person's need for LTC? How well do these measures address mental impairments?

Problem 6: What is projected about the future need for LTC services? Why?

Problem 7: What sources of care are available to persons needing LTC? What payment sources are available to cover this care?

Problem 8: Are LTC services provided in the home or community less expensive than those provided in an institutional setting? If so, how do you explain the potential for home-based services to account for greater expenditures than institution-based services?

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Finance Basics: Reorientation of the u.s. health services system
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