Recruitment and selection process

Question 1: Explain Recruitment and selection process and point out different resources of recruitment.

Question 2: Describe the significance of man power planning.

Question 3: Distinguish between recruitment and election process.

Question 4: Write a note on the Succession Planning.

Question 5: Describe recent trends in recruitment.

Question 6: Design the best retention Strategy for IT Company which comprises of total 3500 employees.

Question 7: Maxwell India ltd. is in urgent requirement of 25 Marketing executive for promoting their new product. Design a recruitment and selection process which will help them to get the best talent at the earliest.

Question 8: Organization can’t prosper without sound recruitment selection process. Describe.

Question 9: Why is it significant to conduct pre-employment background investigation? Outline how you would go about doing so?

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HR Management: Recruitment and selection process
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