Raster scan systems and random scan systems

Question 1:

a) Give a brief overview of graphic system.

b) Distinguish between raster - scan systems and random - scan systems.

Question 2: Describe any four application areas of computer graphics.

Question 3:

a) Differentiate between CRT monitors and direct view storage tube (DVST) devices.

b) What is the role of digital to analog converter (DAC)? Where is it placed in video display devices?

Question 4:

a) List out the graphical input devices. In brief explain about any two of the devices.

b) How much time is spent scanning across each row of pixels during screen refresh on a raster system with a resolution of 640 by 480 and a refresh rate of 60 frames per second?

Question 5:

a) Write down Bresenham's algorithm for line generation which is appropriate for any slope.

b) By using the above algorithm, generate the intermediate points of the line segment, if the two endpoints are given as (30,18) and (20,10).

Question 6:

a) Describe scan line polygon filling algorithm.
b) Differentiate scan line and seed fill algorithms for polygon filling.

Question 7:

a) Why it is preferred to take unit x-increment when slope of the line is less than 1 and unit y-increment when slope of the line is greater than 1 in DDA.

b) In brief describe how characters and text are generated.

Question 8:

a) Write and describe the midpoint circle generation algorithm.

b) Describe the role of stack in flood - fill algorithm.

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Computer Graphics: Raster scan systems and random scan systems
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