questiona there are two basic approaches to


a) There are two basic approaches to dealing with errors in the presence of pipelining. One way is Go-Back-N and the other strategy is Selective Repeat.

i. Explain briefly how Go-Back-N operates.

ii. Demonstrate your understanding on selective repeat.

b) Design the frame format for bit-oriented protocols. Label it appropriately. Show how many bits each part occupies.

c) Different protocols are used on the multiple access channels: polling, ALOHA, amongst others.

i. Explain with respect to performance how CSMA is an improvement over ALOHA?

ii. How is a slotted ALOHA type of satellite packet broadcasting network an improvement over pure ALOHA?

d) 10Base5 cabling is commonly known as thick Ethernet.

i. Demonstrate your understanding on 10Base5 cabling

ii. What is the maximum segment of 10Base5 cabling?

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Computer Networking: questiona there are two basic approaches to
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