questiona the following questions pertain to user


a) The following questions pertain to User and Group accounts in Windows XP:

i) Give four differences between a Power User and a Guest User account.
ii) Explain how a Domain User account is authenticated?
iii) How can you edit the Maximum Password Age of a Domain Member?

b) Windows XP allows you to create Software RAID arrays with multiple hard disks:

i) Explain how a mirrored volume increases availability of a system?
ii) What is the difference between Basic and Dynamic disk storage?
iii) Give two disadvantages of Software RAID as opposed to Hardware RAID.

c) Briefly describe how you could achieve the following in Windows XP:

i) Add a non-plug and play device to a system.
ii) Enter in Safe Mode and while still being able to map a network drive
iii) Encrypt the contents of a folder

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