questiona describe lessons or best practices


a) Describe lessons or best practices that could be learned from the above case study?

b) Describe the factors that lead to the project failure?

c) What is according to you the worst element of complexity introduced by the global nature of this project?

d) Use a schema to model the project management methodology described in the case study?

e) One should exploit the diversity as competitive differentiator instead of treating time zones as an impediment to productivity. Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.

f) According to you, what has been the main challenge for this project? Has it been properly addressed?

g) How would you rate communication in the global management of the project?

h) Do you believe that Mauritians would have done better due to their multiculturalism? If yes, in which part of the project's development cycle?

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Project Management: questiona describe lessons or best practices
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