Provide standardized application procedures

Project Assignment

Problem Statement

Currently, the grant management system that is being used by the state government is highly inefficient. The various agencies in place operate variant grant management systems, in these systems the only similarity is the acuity that the grants comply with the legal requirements of PA Management Directive 107.3.

Project Description

The main purpose of the project is to create a new system that will take advantage of the numerous aspects of technology that make it efficient. This will mean that the new system will be simple, secure, paperless and most of all standardized. It will work for local governments, individuals as well as non-profit organizations. The overall outcome would be higher efficacy in both state and local governments. Automation has proven to be effective in various other industries and applications, it is only reasonable to apply the same in the grant management system.

Project Goal

The goals of the project are to simplify and streamline the economic growth of the community. Many in the community have assumed grants to be free money that is not essentially needed but they have allowed individuals to pursue projects for the benefit of their communities. By streamlining the process of applying, approving and send and collecting funds, the region is expected to develop at an increased rate.

High Level Business Requirements/Features/Functionality/Epics

The system shall provide:

• Standardized application procedures regardless of industry or occupation
• Increased security of personal and grant information
• Simplified application to encourage more people to pursue societal benefiting projects
• Paperless documentation and money transfer allowing for better management and higher security.
• Automated processing allowing for better timemanagement

Project Scope (items NOT in scope)

The project is expected to have a positive impact on the non-profit organizations, local governments, and various governmental agencies. It will also have the extra benefit of impacting individuals by simplifying the process and imparting them with knowledge with regards to grants.


The project is to be partly funded by the state government as it is intended for public use. Additionally, public funding will demonstrate the state government's desire to change the current inefficient system.

Project Manager and Organizational Structure - Governance

A project-based organizational structure will be adapted to the project as it offers the needed management of the resources. By having project managers for the varying aspects of the new system it will allow for faster development and higher quality of the system in terms of operation.

Affected Organizations

[disregard for class exercise and assignment]

Affected Business Processes

Affected Systems

Project Schedule - Major Deliverables

• Charter/scope document
• Project launch/kickoff
• Collaboration web site
• Roles matrix
• Work breakdown structure (schedule)
• Issues list
• Status meetings and reports
• Feasibility study (for technical solution)
• To Be business process and user requirements
• Technical design and/or architecture
• Configured or built technical solution
• User and system testing
• Help and support
• Pilot
• Full implementation

Implementation Approach

[disregard for class exercise and assignment]


Kerzner, H. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.

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