Project termination process

Problem 1: As a project manager, you are asked to facilitate a lessons learned session as part of the project termination process. How would you facilitate this session, and what are some guidelines you would use? How would you incorporate and document the information gleaned from this session into future project plans and tools?

Problem 2: Imagine you are a team member on a project that has missed deadlines, has not produced the hoped-for technological results, and has been a source of problems between your team and the customer. You have just been informed that the project is being cancelled. In what ways is this good news? How would you view it as bad news?

Problem 3: Search the Internet for links to the Boston Tunnel, The Big Dig, the Channel Tunnel, The Chunnel, and London's Millennium Dome. In spite of their poor cost performance, why do you think these projects were supported to their conclusion? What would it take to kill a high-visibility project such as these?

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Project Management: Project termination process
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