Project management matrix structures

Problem 1: Describe the connection between Project Management and an organization's Strategic Plan.

Problem 2: Briefly describe the task decision making responsibilities under the three project management matrix structures.

Problem 3: In project management terms, what is meant by "managing the trade-offs?"

Problem 4: What is a Project Priority Matrix and how would you use one?

Problem 5: Under what conditions would the bottom-up approach to estimating project times and costs be the best choice?

Problem 6: What is a Responsibility Matrix and how would it be used in project management?

Problem 7: "The best way to improve estimates is to collect and archive data on past project estimates and actuals." Agree or disagree and support your answer.

Problem 8: What is total slack and how do you determine it?

Problem 9: Identify and briefly describe the four major methods of bottom-up estimating.

Problem 10: In the network computation process what is a forward pass and what three things does it determine?

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Project Management: Project management matrix structures
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