Problem on ethical behavior foundations

Problem 1. Think back to a job you have had or an organization you have been involved in. Did that company or organization have immoral management, moral management, or amoral management? What characteristics did the management demonstrate to make you classify it the way you did?

Problem 2. Describe the sources of your own personal values. Where did you learn those values? How important are those values to you? How might your own personal values collide with a company's values?

Problem 3. Describe an ethical dilemma that you faced in the workplace and how you responded. Analyze whether your decision was economically, legally, and ethically responsible and defend your response.

Problem 4. If you determine that your response did not meet all three responsibilities, evaluate whether any alternative courses of action would have done so. Ascertain whether you would choose the same course of action again or if you would act differently. Explain your response.

Problem 5. Of the 6 ethical norms listed: family, friends, profession, employer, fellow workers, and society at large. Select three sources from that list and provide an example of an ethical norm that is communicated by, or prevailing in, each of those sources.
• Find one business research article that describes a study that used qualitative research and one that used quantitative research, and answer the following questions:

• How was each study conducted?

• What are some similarities and differences between the two approaches?

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Other Management: Problem on ethical behavior foundations
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