Prepare an international business dissertation


Create a 8000 words on an international business dissertation

1. Quality of Underlying Thesis/arguments

• Provides a convincing interpretation of the question and explains why this is important to write about.

• Provides a clear thesis statement/argument, or hypothesis, to be investigated ideally within an organizational/management context.

• Provides a succinct summary of the key arguments which the research will subsequently explore.

• Explains key business and management concepts that will be used in the research (this can be done here, or in the beginning of the discussion section).

• Some comparative discussion included.

2. Discussion

Body (Analytical Framework, Literature Review, Methodology, appropriate feasibility ‘research')

• Demonstrates understanding of the topic and any relevant literature, when appropriate.

• Key terms/concepts/models are defined/explained (this may have been done in introduction).

• When relevant provides a consistent theoretical analysis; alternatively the research offers opportunities for reflection on the management outcomes highlighted within the context of available academic and/or management theory.

• Provides a robust methodology, or evidence of how the business and management issues has been explored.

• When relevant provides empirical evidence which is appropriate and clearly explained.

• Some of the analysis is comparative in nature.

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