Prepare a virtual tour of works-sites of the gothic period


Chartres Cathedral

For this assignment you will prepare a virtual tour of works and sites of the Gothic period and the Fourteenth century in Europe, using PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, or other digital tool, saved as a PDF file.

You will attach a first draft of your presentation to the Discussion thread

Here are the guidelines:

1. Identify seven different works from the Gothic period and the Fourteenth Century in Europe select one each from the seven categories listed below

A work of stained glass

A manuscript

A painting

A work of architecture

A sculpture

A work crafted from precious metals

And one additional work of your choice

Please be sure that all types of art listed above are represented and come from the Twelfth through the Fourteenth-Century periods in Europe.

2. You will create a written and visual presentation that functions like a virtual exhibit or tour through these periods.

3. Write a short introduction slide (200 words) that gives an overview of the Gothic period, its socio-cultural characteristics and the impact these had on the art that was created. The overall goal of this presentation is to provide a visual narrative that guides viewers through a virtual exhibit/tour and teaches them about the art of these periods.

4. You will create 1-3 slides/visual pages for each art work. Include an image, a short introductory paragraph (150 words) on the characteristics of the style, something about the artist (s), and an analysis of the work. Please make sure to identify all works by name, artist, date, and country of origin and style.

5. Write a short conclusion (200 words) that summarizes your visual tour. Tell us what you learned about the series of works you are displaying. Discuss how the works you selected represent the period and how they relate to the larger social and cultural themes of the time.

6. Include a citation page at the end of the presentation.


NOTE: When you write about art history remember the DICP Elements and always consider the social, economic, cultural, and psychological context within which the works were created. Always identify a work by naming the artist and title of the work. Use the appropriate terminology to describe the formal characteristics, techniques, tools, structures, and periods of the art work(s) in question. All assignments require research from at least, three reliable academic sources, MLA style in-text citations and a "Works Cited" section. Be sure give specific examples of art works you've studied in the unit.

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History: Prepare a virtual tour of works-sites of the gothic period
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