Prepare a schedules computing inventory budgets


Q: Brighton, Inc., manufactures kitchen tiles. The company recently expanded, and the controller believes that it will need to borrow cash to continue operations. It began negotiating for a one-month bank loan of $500,000 starting May 1. The bank would charge interest at the rate of 1.000 percent per month and require the company to repay interest and principal on May 31. In considering the loan, the bank requested a projected income statement and cash budget for May. The following information is available The company budgeted sales at 600,000 units per month in April, June, and July and at 450,000 units in May. The selling price is $4 per unit. The inventory of finished goods on April 1 was 120,000 units. The finished goods inventory at the end of each month equals 20 percent of sales anticipated for the following month. There is no work in process. The inventory of raw materials on April 1 was 57,000 pounds. At the end of each month, the raw materials inventory equals no less than 40 percent of production requirements for the following month. The Company purchases materials in quantities of 66,500 pounds per shipment. Selling expenses are 10 percent of gross sales. Administrative expenses, which include depreciation of $3,000 per month on office furniture and fixtures, total $160,000 per month. The manufacturing budget for tiles, based on normal production of 500,000 units per month, follows:

Materials (0.25 pound per tile, 125,000 pounds, $4 per pound) $ 500,000

Labor                                                                             400,000
Variable overhead                                                             220,000

Fixed overhead (includes depreciation of $200,000)               390.000           

Total                                                                            $1.510.000


1. Prepare a schedules computing inventory budgets by months for Production in units for april,May and june

2. Raw materials purchases in pounds for April and May.

a. Prepare a projected income statement for May. Cost of goods sold should equal the variable manufacturing cost per unit times the number of units sold plus the total fixed manufacturing cost budgeted for the period. When calculating net sales assume cash discounts of 1 percent and bad debt expense of 0.50 percent.

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Accounting Basics: Prepare a schedules computing inventory budgets
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