Performance management


1: Performance Management

What comprises effective performance management? What is the difference between performance appraisal and performance management? Support your answer with credible sources. Cite your sources using proper APA format (both in-text and reference entries).

2: Social Media

Social media, commonly thought of as digital technology, offer a way for marketers to communicate one-on-one with consumers and measure the effects of those interactions. Social media include social networks, microblogs, and media sharing sites, all of which are used by the majority of adults. Smartphones and tablet computers have given consumers greater freedom to access social media on the go, which is likely to increase usage of social media sites. Many advertising budgets are allotting more money to online marketing, including social media, mobile marketing, and search marketing. Describe the social media tools in a marketer's toolbox and how they are useful. Also, describe the impact of mobile technology on social media. Be sure to comment on your fellow classmates posts.

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Business Management: Performance management
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