Options in energy consumption management


Over the past few years, energy prices have been very volatile—often driven by international political events. For the purposes of this assignment, let's assume that you are the energy manager for a series of three food processing/packaging facilities in Malaysia (two) and Vietnam (one) directed to produce specialty Asian food products that require considerable steam/temperature environments to completely process and package the food products. With the recent dramatic political and social events that have occurred in the world over the past several years, your management team is concerned about the impact of rising energy costs on your firm's overall operations, and they have asked you to initiate an energy monitoring programme for the organisation. What purpose does an energy-monitoring programme serve? Describe the steps that would be taken to initiate this programme. Describe the reasons for choosing to implement an energy-monitoring programme over the other options in energy consumption management and the resulting benefits of this research for this company when making future energy decisions.

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Other Management: Options in energy consumption management
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