Operations management and operational quality

Quality Management ( With cited work)

At this juncture you should have a firm understanding of how important operations management and operational quality management is to every successful organization. This challenge relates to quality and an organizations constant search for continuous improvement.

Response the following:

1. Select a company or organization that, in your personal experience, has produced products of "high quality."

2. Select one product, from the company named, that you personally believe to be of exceptional quality and appraise the specific characteristics of the product that make it "high quality."

3. Select a product (from the same company or from another company) that you believe is of "poor quality." Appraise why you found the product of "poor quality" by describing and listing any defects, and suggest ways in which that organization could improve the products quality.

You must Make sure you are supporting your answers fully and that your source research is identified with citations and references.

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Other Management: Operations management and operational quality
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