Multithreaded programming and its features

Question 1:

a) What are the benefits of using the multithreaded programming?
b) Describe the APIs used to specify the attributes for a thread.

Question 2:

a) Why does each lightweight process require a separate kernel stack?
b) Explain the problems with single threaded programming and how it is overcome by multithreaded programming.

Question 3: Describe about the process of creating Thread.

Question 4: Explain the series of steps to process different socket functions by using TCP protocol.

Question 5: Explain in brief about the given socket APIs with clear syntax:

a) socket( )
b) bind( )
c) listen( )
d) accept( ).

Question 6: Describe a stream socket with an illustrative example for client or server program.

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Programming Languages: Multithreaded programming and its features
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