Mitigate the ethical misconduct disaster


As you and the guests arise from your tables, you are startled when your cellular phone begins vibrating with an incoming call. You excuse yourself and step into a quiet alcove in the hallway to take the call. You discover that your President/CEO has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, soliciting prostitution, and resisting arrest. As you hang-up from the call, you feel a tug at your arm as the Senator's aid requests your immediate attendance at a private gathering of significant donors in the Senator's executive suite.


The Company has no business continuity plan or process for dealing with ethical misconduct disasters

· The Company only has outside legal counsel

· Prior to this alleged event, the President/CEO has been a "straight arrow"

· The news media regularly follows and reports from the police blotter

· You are an experienced public affairs officer; this is not your "first rodeo"

Assume the role of the company's public relations officer and determine in detail what should be done to mitigate this ethical misconduct disaster.

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Other Management: Mitigate the ethical misconduct disaster
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