Marketing plan assignment-situation analysis

Marketing Plan Assignment-Situation Analysis

· Segmentation & Target Market Analysis

· Competitive Analysis

· SWOT Analysis

This section will begin with an application of segmentation of the market of your selected company. Think about behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and geographic criteria that might help you in segmenting the market. Once you have completed the segmentation, identify the target market that your company will focus on including your rationale. It's important for the marketing manager to understand the competitive environment within the industry in which they operate. Compile a detailed competitive analysis looking at the top 3 or 4 competitors and differentiating each against your company. Finally, assemble and thoroughly explain a SWOT Analysis with a minimum of three elements under each area.

Deliverable: The format of this professional Marketing Plan is essay format with subheadings using Microsoft Word. As this assignment is a comprehensive plan, additional research and support must be included using a minimum of three sources correctly formatted to APA standards on the reference page. In-text citations should also be used. The length for each assignment submission is minimally three pages long, double-spaced, plus title page and reference page.

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Other Management: Marketing plan assignment-situation analysis
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