Mark works for the wonder mattress company in the is

Mark works for the Wonder Mattress Company in the IS department. He is in charge of looking at new technologies that come on the market and determining if they can be used for the company. In doing so, he must do a cost-benefit analysis and then determine if the current personnel can run that technology. If a favorable recommendation is made by Mark, the company usually purchases it. Mark attended an emerging technologies conference and met Lance, a salesman for a new technology Mark was exploring. After evaluating this technology, he decided not to recommend it to his company. Lance then told him he was authorized to offer him a $10,000 "placement fee" if he implemented the technology in his company. Mark then recommended the technology, and it was installed.

Post a response to the discussion board. Include in your response:

• A recommendation of what action the organization should take.

• An explanation of what the organization's responsibility should be regarding ethics as it relates to IS.

• Justification for your recommendation.

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