Luke highlights the fact that jesus is risen in a real body

Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection

1. Read chapters 22-23. In a bullet-point list, identify 3-5 elements that you find especially striking, surprising, puzzling, offensive, or any questions you may want to raise in class. You do not need to use complete sentences for this list.

2. Reread 22:35-38. Based on this passage, why does Jesus tell his disciples to carry bags and swords on the night when he was arrested? This passage is a bit tricky, but give it your best shot. Note also that the 'scripture' to which Jesus alludes is Isaiah 53:12.

3. Reread 22:66-23:25. Pilate finds himself in a difficult tension between two things he does not want to do. Describe these two things, as best you can.

4. Now read chapter 24, and trace the following themes. Then, turn your "data" into an explanation of how each theme "works" in this passage. Make sure you make reference to specific elements of the chapter in your explanations:

a. Where do you see references to food in this section of Luke?

b. How do the Old Testament scriptures factor into this section of Luke?

c. Luke highlights the fact that Jesus is risen in a real body, that is in many ways like our bodies. How does he do this?

d. Luke also highlights that in some important ways, Jesus's resurrected body isunlike our bodies. How does he do this?

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