List all possible winning

1. Look at the distribution of seats between parties in the parliament of Norway elected in 2005.


Left               Center-left           Center              Center-right                                Right


Socialist         Labor                 Agrarian            Christian           Liberal Progress   Conservative

SV                     DNA               SP                       KRF                    V                FRP                H


15               61                    11                 11                       10               38                  23

a.    List all possible minimum winning coalitions (MWC).

b.    List all possible minimally connected winning coalitions (MCWC).

c.     Discuss the characteristics of the so-called "Red-Green" coalition government that was formed. Led by the Labor Party (DNA), it included the Socialists (SV) and the Center-Agrarians (SP, considered "greens").

d.    Discuss the viability of other alternative majority coalitions.

2. In the parliament that follows there are five parties ordered from left to right alphabetically and with the distribution of seats indicated.

Ideology: Left          Center-left       Center       Center-right Right

Parties: V                      W                 X                     Y            Z

Seats:       20                 15                10                   25          30

Total seats: 100 Majority: 51

a.    List all possible winning coalitions (WC).

b.    List all possible minimum winning coalitions (MWC).

c.    List all possible minimally connected winning coalitions (MCWC).


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Microeconomics: List all possible winning
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