Key issues for hospitality and tourism managers distributed


Assessment Brief - Level Six Undergraduate Business and Management modules Programme: International Hospitality and Tourism Management Module Code: Module Title: Key Issues for Hospitality and Tourism Managers Distributed on: Submission To be submitted by 12 noon on [ ] Time and Date: Word Limit: Individual written report - 2,500 Weighting This coursework accounts for [Presentation 20%, Report 80%] of the total mark for this module It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment arrives Submission of before the submission deadline stated above. See the Assessment University policy on late submission of work (the relevant extract is set out below).

Instructions on Assessment: The module assessment is by means of one assessed group presentation and a written individual 2,500 word report.

The group presentations will be assessed midway through the semester during seminar sessions, and the final summative report, will examine in greater detail a current issue faced by managers within the hospitality and tourism industry.

Group Presentation In groups of 3 /4 you are required to undertake a piece of research examining the physical evidence of a hospitality outlet. Using Bitner's Servicescape Model, you are to conduct a thorough investigation in the physical environment of your chosen outlet. Choose one of the following examples in which to conduct your group research. This should be discussed Page 1 of 15 with the module tutor to prevent repetition.

• A coffee shop

• An International restaurant

• Fast food outlet

• Traditional restaurant

• An agreed outlet (as discussed with your tutor)

You will need to take photographs if possible (mobile phone would be perfectly acceptable) and record the details of your visit.

Team Presentation

Prepare a presentation for your group with the results from your research. Please prepare power point slides & email your tutor these notes in advance so they may be copied for your audience. At the end of the presentation you will be expected to hand in hard copies of your note, power point slides and peer assessment sheets.

Team Evaluation

A Team Evaluation Form is attached to the assessment brief. Each group member must complete the evaluation form and hand in to the tutor during the presentation seminar. The evaluation form is an opportunity for individual group members to evaluate the contribution made by each member of the group. Individual group member responses will be used as advisement on how credit should be distributed for the work and responses will be kept completely confidential.

Individual Report

This is an individual assignment.

Formal lectures have provided knowledge of some of the key issues currently facing hospitality managers involved in international hospitality and tourism management.

Through discussion, subsequent seminars have aimed to identify and evaluate appropriate managerial responses where these can be identified. Additionally, set reading, further study and student presentations have developed students' skills of issue identification, research, and analysis. The module assignment provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate both knowledge and skills in the area of international hospitality and tourism management.

For this assignment students are required to produce a report of approximately 2,500 words (plus or minus 10% is acceptable), with appropriate references and appendices. Your report should apply theoretical and practical knowledge to the management of a topic within hospitality. The weighting for this assignment is 80% of the overall assessment for this module.

You will select ONE of the following questions outlined below and critically assess the management issues, providing a range of examples to illustrate your discussion.

1. The business case for CSR is seen to focus on a wide range of potential benefits to an organisation. Evaluate this statement in relation to the hospitality industry.

2. Discuss the factors that influence customer complaint behaviour and service recovery.

3. The all-inclusive concept and cruise business are both dynamic and fast growing sectors of the tourism industry. Critically evaluate ONE of these hospitality products in terms of social, economic and environmental issues.

4. China is now ranked as number one in terms of International tourism expenditure (WTO 2016), evaluate the implications this has for the global hospitality industry, using current examples to illustrate your answer.

5. ‘It is the immediacy and directness of interaction between multicultural markets and a multicultural workforce which places the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry in a relatively unique position.

(Reisinger 2009)

Critically evaluate the challenges faced by managers within the hospitality industry.

6. Customer service encounters are defined as the lasting personal impression that customers receive upon first encountering a product or service, which they hopefully take with them and communicate to others. Discuss.

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