Kantian ethics and utilitarianism choose the theory that

Kantian ethics, and Utilitarianism. Choose the theory that you think is better out of these two and briefly describe it. Then discuss why you think this is the better of these two theories.

Can you think of a moral rule that all cultures follow (that you are aware of)? If so, what is this rule and why does every culture practice this moral rule? If not, do you think that there is a moral rule that every culture should practice? What does your answer say about cultural relativism and why?

Choose one of the following theorists - Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, or Rawls - and briefly describe their views of human nature and their version of the social contract. Then, explain why you chose to discuss this theorist in particular.

One of the biggest objections to Virtue Ethics is that there is no consensus on what counts as a virtue. List two qualities that you believe are virtuous and explain why you feel this way. Given this, do you think that there are any general criteria we can use to decide whether an action is virtuous or not? Why?

Do you think that we have a moral obligation to treat animals well? Why or why not? Does our moral obligation include not eating them?

Moral antirealism, or moral non-objectivism, claims that here are no objective moral rules. If such theories are true, is there any way that we could determine whether something is 'good' or 'bad'? If so, how? If not, why? Finish your post by explaining your views on the idea of moral non-objectivism - do you agree or disagree with this theory? Does it have any merit in its claims?

To what extent have your choices in life been a result of free will? Given this, which theory do you agree with most and why: fatalism, determinism, or existentialism?

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