Job with a cognitive behavioral therapy

Discuss in a 200-400 words:

You have started a new job with a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) agency that also incorporates other types of evidence-based therapies into its organization. Your boss asks you to run a weekly therapy group to assist high-risk users of crisis care. She asks you to prepare 2 paragraphs for her to use in a brochure, which will propose the style of therapy you will use and explain evidence-based treatments. This proposal will be given to these high-risk clients in hopes that they will join the group.

You must Be sure to include the following in your proposal:

• The style of therapy you intend to use

• An explanation of evidence-based treatments you intend to use

In commenting to other students' posts, consider the following:

• How will their proposals promote the group for which the boss is trying to recruit clients?

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