Itap1001 software development fundamentals assignment

Software Development Fundamentals Assignment 1 -

Details & Problems - In this assignment, you are required to answer the short questions, identify error in the code, give output of the code and develop three C# Console Programs to demonstrate your ability to use C# input/output via command line, C# primitive and built-in C# types, C# operators and expression, C# conditional statements, C# loop construct, and show your ability to validate the inputs to avoid run-time errors.

Q1) What is managed and unmanaged code?

Q2) Give examples of reserved keyword, literals and data types in C#.

Q3) What is the difference between "continue" and "break" statements in C#? Explain it with example.

Q4) What will be the output / error of given program?

static void Main(String[] args)


const int m = 100;

int n = 10;

const int k = n / 5 * 100 * n;

Console.WriteLine(m * k);



Q5) Give the output for the set of programming code.

class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


int i;

for ( i = 0; i < 5; i++)



Console. WriteLine(i);

Console. ReadLine();



Q6) Write a program that would convert temperature given in Centigrade scale to Fahrenheit - the number can be integer or real. Use the formula: F = 1.8C + 32

Q7) Given a three-digit integer as input write a C# program to determine whether the number is an Armstrong number. An Armstrong number is one for which the sum of each digit raised to the power of number of digits results in the number itself.

For a three digit number 153 = 13 + 53 + 33

Note: Confine to 3-digit examples only i.e., number values between 100 to 999.

Q8) Use Euclid's Algorithm given below to determine the LCM and HCF for given two integer numbers.

  • Take in as input two numbers A and B.
  • Subtract the smaller of the two numbers from the Larger Number and assign the answer to the larger number.
  • The above process is repeated until both the numbers are equal, say X.
  • Apparently, the residual number (X) that we have obtained is the HCF.
  • LCM could then be computed using the formula (A*B)/HCF

Print out your answers.

Assignment 2 -

Task: Research and Write a Business Report that Addresses the Question: 'How Ethical are Major Internet Companies?'


Write a Business report with the following report headings and content:

'Introduction' -

- Briefly describe that you are going to report on the ethical standards and actions of the following major internet companies:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Facebook

- You will do this by conducting a short survey, locating and summarizing the company's Ethical and/or Code of Conduct policies, comparing their ethical policies with their actions, and drawing some conclusions about their ethical behaviour.

'What do People Think?'

  • Survey 10 people and ask: How ethical do you think each of the following companies is?
  • Rate the answers from 1-10 (totally unethical to completely ethical)
  • Report the average result for each company in a table
  • Report your own initial ethical rating of the same companies

'Ethical/Code of Conduct Policies'

  • Locate the ethical policy/code of conduct for each company
  • Suggestion: Search ethics policy or code of conduct
  • Write a brief summary of the policy
  • Briefly describe how each compare to the policy statements of the others? Longest/shortest, easiest to read/full of air, strongest stand/weakest, etc.

'Ethical Behaviour'

  • Locate and briefly describe any reports of unethical conduct by the companies (maximum 3).
  • Suggestion: Search unethical
  • Do these reports match the companies' policies?

'Australian Tax'

  • Locate reports of the tax paid in Australia by the companies
  • Do these companies pay a fair share of tax in Australia?


  • Are the companies as ethical as they claim?
  • Are some companies better than others?
  • Do you have any recommendations for better ethical behaviour?
  • Having done the research, what is you final ethical rating for the companies?

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