Issue on consumers and health care organizations


This assignment integrates key course concepts and prepares you for the Year. Select a significant contemporary issue in health care relevant to current and future generations. The assignment provides you with an opportunity to begin working with the thesis criteria in the Academic Review Checklist.

Write a 2150 to 2,450-word paper, analyzing the effect of the issue on consumers and health care organizations’ marketing and propose how the issue could be studied.

Include the following information:

Background: Discussion about why the research issue is of important social concern or theoretical interest

Problem: Inclusion of a clear statement identifying the need to study the issue and statistics documenting the issue’s scope with credible research published in the last 5 years


General significance: Discussion about the importance of studying the issue as well as the contribution your research may make to current and future studies

Leadership significance: Discussion about how studying the issue may add to the body of leadership knowledge and literature

Research questions: One or two broad, open-ended questions for the proposed study that examine the issue, avoiding dichotomous research questions

Research recommendations

Research method: Identification and defense of a suggested quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method for the proposed study

Research design: Identification and defense of phenomenological, ethnographic, descriptive, exploratory, or correlational research design for the proposed study

Sample: Identification and defense of an appropriate sample for the proposed study



  • Follow APA  Guidelines
  • List source and references

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Finance Basics: Issue on consumers and health care organizations
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