Innovation management outcome development


Innovation Management Outcome Development


Innovation has different meanings to individuals. It is either something that is new, improved, or changed. At times, it is often confused with quality or process improvement. This is the primary reason innovation outcomes are often difficult to execute. Innovation is dominated by the strategy literature, but making innovation an operational reality is the responsibility of the teams that are assigned innovation projects. Based on the readings, discuss with your teammates what innovation means to you, and then align your perspectives and develop an innovation outcome for your team.

In this assignment, you will describe the process through the objectify phase of the ENOVALE (E-N-O) Process. Provide your response as a consolidated team response. Your instructor has assigned you to a team. Provide your response from the perspectives of the following industries:

Your team is responsible for developing an innovation project for a company in the global outsourcing service provider industry. You are free to select any product as long as it is judged to be innovative. Consider how you are defining innovation, who accepts it, what your team believes is innovative, and is it the right team? You may want to discuss the challenges of this exercise. Is quality a consideration in the process? Also remember that you operate on a global scale.


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Business Management: Innovation management outcome development
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