Industry and career research report-individually students

Industry and Career Research Report


Individually students will research informationabout professional associations, publications, memberships, certifications, and current news related to their chosen career field. They will detail their findings in a formal business report and submit to their professor.
Essential Employability Skills Learning Outcomes:

• Locate, select, organize and document information using appropriate technology and information systems.
• Manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects.
• Communicate clearly, concisely and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form to fulfill the purpose and meet the needs of an audience.
• Respond to written, spoken or visual messages in a manner that ensures effective communication.
• Apply a systematic approach to solve problems.

Vocational Learning Outcomes:

• Use appropriate current technologies to produce necessary reports and documents.
• Use the Internet and other sources of information to locate, assess, and collect data required for research.
• Outline the roles and benefits of professional organizations, memberships, subscriptions and certifications in a chosen career field or industry.
• Identify sources of information gathered in order to give proper recognition to the works of others.
• Use appropriate technology to organize and present research findings in a form that will clearly be understood and accessible by the end users and management (e.g., with tables, lists/bullets, images; suitable language and terminology; appropriate electronic folder).

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Management Information Sys: Industry and career research report-individually students
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