Individual project linking operating and financial plans


Individual Project Linking Operating and Financial Plans


1) Analyze market conditions and financial models for entrepreneurs

2) Formulate an operational strategy for the business model of their new ventures

3)Determine the organizational configuration required to support the new venture

Your reading material has identified an additional set of concerns that may affect your plan. For this assignment, you must ensure that these concerns are fully addressed in all of the sections.

Using your reading material as a guide, create the following new sections for your plan:

1) Facilities

2) Operating Plan(s)

Revisit the following sections of your plan, ensuring that the concerns raised in the reading are fully addressed:

1) Product or Service

2) Competition

3) Market Opportunity

Reading Assignment

Abrams, Successful Business Plan, Chapters 9, 10 & 16

Abrams, A Real World Approach, Chapter 7, 11 & 16


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Business Management: Individual project linking operating and financial plans
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