In the modern world disaster recovery has been a key pillar

In the modern world, disaster recovery has been a key pillar to ensuring that organizations are operated at a sustainable manner.

The you tube video helps individuals to understand approaches to make in disaster recovery and back-up systems.

In the process of DR, we should create a leverage of all the tools to ensure that there is continuous data protection, cloud elasticity and pay-as-you-go pricing which essential in the realization of reliable protection for all the available applications at meaningful prices.

Causes of incidents in organizations should be identified to help in creating a good plan to evade system failures or loss spell. The method used in DR should help in saving time and money for the organization as well as reducing the stress incurred in DR.

There are top challenges which are associated with DR. the depth at which a challenge is felt depends on the level of preparedness which in critical in ensuring business continuity.

It leaders choose to leverage different backup and recovery tools. Some companies may not have a DR plan at all. It is possible that a DR plan has errors which renders it unreliable. Inclusion of unnecessary technology can make it too complex.

The DR plan should be tested to verify its effectiveness and it should have sufficient information management regulations.

To combat the risks posed by the challenges, it is necessary to create a cloud leverage and use integrated systems (Nikole, 2015). Using cost effective data storage measures and data duplications helps in improving the level of data security.


Nikole Haiar (2015) Top disaster recovery challenges and how to address them.

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Management Information Sys: In the modern world disaster recovery has been a key pillar
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