In fact this chapter has demonstrated number of clever

1. In fact, this chapter has demonstrated number of clever strategies I should followed in the previous assignments I have submitted before in order to reach better organization and right construction for my essays. In addition, these strategies allowed me to obtain a comprehensive view about how to write a position for arguing essay in particular and an essay in general. Moreover, many suggestions to build such a perfect arguing essay have been given was so helpful to discover weaknesses areas. I believe that clear understanding about building an excellent arguing essay will dramatically contribute on my achievement significantly. Eventually, in the next paragraph I would list two suggestions mentioned in this chapter have influenced my writing strategy. 

First of all, choosing the issue for arguing. Despite the importance of choosing the topic that interests the writer, but choosing a controversial issue will play a significant role to raises the writer talent and imagination to use all skillful writer has to set credibility for what he or she is going to write. Other suggestion was about how to introduce that arguing issue for readers. In this stage to obtain an optimum essay we have to be aware about some important point such as the effectiveness of the issue presented, obvious writer position with adequate evidence, and setting a clear thesis statement,

On the other side, the most important advice influence my writing achievement is avoiding being a slave to an outlining. Just keep writing to put all ideas and thoughts could come to your mind. Then, the next step should be revising and outlining. Indeed, reediting over and over and outlining were the major issue I usually have whenever I decide to start write. Because writer start to think about what he or she is writing currently absolutely writer will waste his or her time trying to revise which lead to limit the writer thoughts and distributing his or her effort unwisely.

Other than that, I have noticed the importance of reading about the topic the writer needs to argue about. In fact, the variety of sources writers use in his /her essay are not only helpful to enhance the assurance of the writer essay through using the quotation, examples, statistics and visuals. However, more reading will make massive information about the topic and this information will play a main role to help the writer to come up with new controversial topics, which is the corner stone of any argumentative essay. In addition to that reading is an incredible motivation for the creativity of the writer's especially when they were trying to look beyond and between the lines. As result of that, such this sort of creative ideas the writers made could easily attract the reader's attention.

Last but not least, responding to reader's objection was one of important parts for the arguing for position strategies writers should be aware about. Indeed, I was neglecting to include this part in my essay in order to reinforce the credibility of the essay I have written.

2. Either way when people argue positions on television, radio, and other visual channels, versus blogs and other written discussion forms on the Internet. Both ways need to use reasons and supporting evidence to assert their point of view and reinforce the creditability of their position in a specific argument. However, I believe those who use the visual channels has an advantage to use an additional tools to convince the people about their position. For example, using body language, eye contact, and tone of voice. Indeed, Psychologists have confirmed the effectiveness of these tools in persuading people. In contrast, writers have to rely on other effective technics since they could not take advantage of the physical or visual contact with the readers such as using variety of reliable sources, statistics, visual graphs, and expert testimony to make the reader more interesting in reading and most likely able to trust in a such pieces of write.

In regard to, television, radio, and online position arguments. I think, compassion and (ethos) most likely used through the media channels such as television, radio, and other visual channels to convince the audience and obtain sufficient assurance for their point of view. In contrast, writers usually need to focus more on statistical studies and reliable sources to enhance the reader confident about what they need to emphasize on.

Eventually, according to contribution might the position argument be able to make to our society? I think these sorts of argument will open our mind to new doors many people have not nocked before. Thus, through this creative discussions the new innovations will likely be created. Other than that, I believe that such as effective argument will generate an excellent environment to train people to accept the other perspectives even if they disagree with the other position with an active dialogue.

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