Importance-database management system business environment

Attempt all the questions.


Question1) Explain the role and importance of Database Management System in today’s business environment.

Question2) What do you mean from “Database Transaction”?   How it could be managed?

Question3) Write brief notes on:

a. ERD Model

b. Relational Algebra

Question4) What do you understand by Database Model?  Distinguish between different data models.


Case Study

Consider mission critical transaction database maintained by reputed nationalized bank. The data includes customer name, account number, phone number, branch code, bank balance among others. With the advent of new technologies and growth of internet, the bank too has moved from traditional ways of banking to introduce new features like ATMs, Net Banking, Wire transfer, Credit Card, Electronic Clearing System which has helped the bank not only retain its old and loyal customers but also expand its horizon in including the younger generation to its customer base. The ICT infrastructure of the bank includes various servers, printers, ATMs, network switches and also other peripheral devices. Suppose you have been recruited as Manager (IT) who would be the database administrator of bank holding charge of database security, answer the following questions:  

Question5) Case Questions:

a) Name the security guidelines that a conscientious database designer must follow?

b) What are the types of authorization which could be implemented in this case?

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Database Management System: Importance-database management system business environment
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