Impact of technology and innovation on manager


Theories of management originated in the early 1900s. They have influenced how we view management today. Post a short essay (minimum 500 to 600 words) that explores one of the early theories of management and addresses the following questions in the Discussion Area. Be sure to incorporate your weekly readings and cite your sources using proper APA guidelines (including in-text citations and references).

1. Describe the early theory.

2. Compare the differences between the theory you have chosen and at least one current approach/theory of management. In your comparison, include a minimum of two similarities and two differences.

3. Explain the impact technology and innovation have on the role of a manager.

4. Develop a plan for your approach to management that includes the skills and attributes a manager must possess. In this plan, explain how you would implement each function of management in your role as a manager


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Business Management: Impact of technology and innovation on manager
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