Impact of globallization on hrm

Assignment format

a. Title

b. Short abstract/summary (approximately 100 words)

c. Contents

d. Introduction

e. Main body: combination of discussing IIRM practices in the multinational case organisation and relating this to critically analysing relevant academic literature (use sub-headings for tidy/structured presentation)

f. Conclusion and possible recommendations

g. References

h. Appendices ( necessary)

Impact of globallization on HRM in mnc

The aim of the assignment is to encourage students to combine theoretical and practical aspects 01 IIRM by relemng to ontantratton ease study examples when assessing the core thrones and themes In the IIRM academic literature. In particular, students are expected to engage in critical analysis of relevant IIRM academic literaturi.. In•m sources recommended below, In the module outline, at the end of lecture slides, co sources derived from their own wider reading. It is not enough to rely on lecture notes or non.academIc Internet sources.

SELECT ONE MULTINATIONAL CASE.(with operations In Its home country and at least one other foreign host country) with which you are familiar - one that you can access relevant IIRM information about (lor example, one you have worked for, had an Internship in, an organisation lamIllar to famlly/ITiends, or that you have been able to lied detailed Information about In Journal articles, books. newspapers. Internet).

Answer the following questions:

I. Strategy:briefly sumtnaHre the impart of globalization on the multinationo organisation's overall business oratory and then Its overall business strateghy and HR strategy

2. HRM practices: secondly, analyse the impact al globalization on the various enmoonents of1,1RM miler and practice in the multinutional organization under the four main HR functions covered In the module: resourcing the organization, bunion resource development WHIM employment relations, performance and reward. The list of HR policies and practices that might be assessed under these four areas include: talent management, recruitment and selection, employee engagement, organizational culture, training and development, employee voice and participation rights (industrial democracy), pay, reward & performance management (these might be referred to by other labels).

3. To what extent is there 'strategic international/global If RM' at your chosen multinational organization? Examine to what extent the various components of
IIRM are linked to achieving overall business strategy (Vertical intearution). Evaluate to what extent the various components of Hit practice ore consistent ae, support each other in achieving the overall HR strategy Ourrizonfol inteurutloal Discuss in relation to relevant academic literature on strategic HRM (for cramp:- 'best fit; 'best practice, 'resource-based view").

4. Another theme to be discussed in your assignment is how different orpanizatinr, sector/industry, country, and international =Ras mediate the impact of globalization on HRM policies in your multinational case company.
impact of globalization on HRM.

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