Identity one crowd funding project that you like


The purpose of this assignment is to have you become familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. As such you should do the following:

1. Google crowd funding, visit crowd funding web sites, and learn about crowd funding. One of your later assignments in this class requires you to create your own crowd funding video - so find out what crowd funding is all about.

2. Read the Crowd Funding Primer on BB (under the Course Resources folder). I have created a short primer for you so be sure to read it

3. Submit a 1 page narrative (write-up) on your thoughts about crowd funding. What is it, who uses it, why do they use it? You can use bullet points in your write-up.

4. Identity one crowd funding project that you like, which is of high quality (ie, solves an important problem or leverages a significant trend) and to which you would contribute or lend. Try to find a project that is business /entrepreneurship focused (rather than arts / crafts etc).

5. For the crowd funding project you identify, describe the venture and what you liked about the crowd funding campaign. What exactly was compelling about the story and the way that the founders told the story? Watch for and include things like photos, videos, language etc. Complete the following information for the crowd funding project:

Project Name:

Platform Name: (eg: Kickstarter)

What you liked about the project / the problem that the project solves / the trend that it levrages:

Point 1
Point 2
Point 3

Photos: Number, content, strengths, weaknesses

Videos: length, content, strengths, weaknesses

Prototype: availability, dates,

Other: project plan, launch time lines etc.

Call to Action: What is the amount that they are asking for? Would you donate? Why or why not?

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Microeconomics: Identity one crowd funding project that you like
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