Identify the various discovery methods


Process Discovery

Process discovery is defined as the act of gathering information about an existing process and organizing it in terms of an "as-is" process model. This definition emphasizes gathering and organizing information. Given the information gathered we construct a process and determine the criteria that should be verified before a process model is accepted as an authoritative representation of a business process.

Answer the following questions:

1. Identify the various discovery methods available to an individual(s) attempting to construct either an "as-is" or "should-be" process model.

2. Discuss the strengths and limitations of such a "discovery process" regardless of the methodology.

3. Describe how you might systematically gather the required pieces of information about "how a book order" is processed by an on-line retailer.

4. Finally, assuming that you obtained sufficient information to create an appropriate process model what specific steps would you use and briefly discuss elements of each step.

5. Create a "As-is", "Should-be" process model

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Operation Management: Identify the various discovery methods
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