Identify the organization and its core business

Assignment: Change Analysis Presentation

Case Instructions

You will use information from your Case assignments in Units 2 and 3 to create this Unit 4 Case Assignment: Change Analysis Presentation.

Imagine you have been placed in charge of a change initiative for the organization you have selected to use for your case assignments. You must give a presentation to support this change initiative to senior level management. Your presentation will use MS PowerPoint and must include speaker notes or your voice narration for each slide.

Important Note: Your presentation should be no larger than 9 MBs. If your project is larger than 10 MBs (in a zipped file) you will not be able to submit your file in the Unit Project page.

Your PowerPoint Presentation must meet these criteria:

• 10 -12 slides, not including these four slides:

• Title Slide

• Objectives slide

• Conclusion slide

• References slide

• The body of your presentation should include summary information from your three case files and should follow this outline:

• Title Slide that includes your name, course, date

• Objectives slide that gives the purpose of the presentation

• Identify the organization and its core business

• SWOT Analysis Summary, relative to the change initiative

• Strengths, including core competency

• Weaknesses

• Opportunities

• Threats

• Organization's leadership and vision

• Identify the change the company faces and why this change is significant

• Your recommendations for a successful change initiative

• Conclusion Slide

• References Slide

Note: Be sure to cite your sources using APA style. You will find information on APA in the Course Materials and Resources section.

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Business Management: Identify the organization and its core business
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