Identify the form of intellectual property


The purpose of this assignment is to identify the form of intellectual property outlined, and to examine the different types of torts committed.

Scenario: Sam is an employee of ABC Paper Corp. He signed a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of his employment with ABC. Sam is approached by XYZ Paper Co. with an offer of employment, but only if he brings his client list with him. Sam was fully responsible for creating his client list, so he agrees to provide it to XYZ. When Sam downloads his client list onto an external flash drive, he is caught in the act by his boss Natalie. Sam grabs the flash drive and runs out of his office, shoving Natalie aside when she attempts to stop him. Natalie falls and hits her head against the doorknob, suffering a concussion.

Develop a 750 word (minimum) analysis using the information posed in the scenario.

1. Identify if there is an intellectual property at issue here. If so, what type?

2. Discuss if Sam's actions are ethical. Why or why not?

3. Discuss the types of tort, if any, Sam committed. Did any of the other parties in this scenario commit a tort?

4. Discuss if any of Sam's actions subject him to criminal liability.

Cite a minimum of two (2) references. Format your references consistent with MLA guidelines. Use as a short cut in creating citations and reference page.

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Business Law and Ethics: Identify the form of intellectual property
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