Identify the aspects of an organizations environment that

Select a real /hypothetical company of your choice and write an article titled as ‘Strategic Management in XYZ company’( Word Limit: Not more than 1000 words)

I choose unilever Company or WALMART.

You should try to include the following components in the write-up:

1- A brief introduction about the company and the industry

2- External Analysis

4- Internal Analysis

4- Current Strategy and

5- Conclusion

Students will:

*Recognize aspects of an organization’s environment that can influence its long-term decisions

*Identify the aspects of an organization’s environment that are most strategically important

*Apply the resource-based view of the firm to determine core and distinctive competencies

*Use the VRIO framework and the value chain to assess an organization’s competitive advantage and how it can be sustained

*Understand the competitive and cooperative strategies available to corporations**Understand the three aspects of corporate strategy

*Identify a variety of functional strategies that can be used to achieve organizational goals and objectives

*Gain insights into the strategy-making processes of organization

*Understand the contribution of various functional areas e.g. production, marketing, purchasing and supply management to the overall well-being of the organization

*Understand the relationship between social responsibility and corporate performance.

No parallelism and choose company talk about it and don't miss any of elements.

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Operation Management: Identify the aspects of an organizations environment that
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