Identify state licensure requirements for post-graduation

Assignment: Personal And Professional Development Plan

For this assignment, you will create a personal and professional development plan in which you:

• Describe a plan to incorporate self-care techniques for maintaining personal and professional health

• Describe strategies you intend to develop to address the potential impact of personal and clients' spiritual beliefs on the therapeutic process.

• Identify requirements and processes for understanding fieldwork.

• Develop a plan to pursue a fieldwork site prior to Track 2.

• Identify state licensure requirements for post-graduation.

• Identify professional organizations and activities selected to facilitate progress toward personal and professional development goals. -Explain why these organizations and activities were selected and describe the anticipated results of participation.

• Identify activities designed to maintain knowledge regarding the application of ethical and legal principles in professional interactions. Requirements To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:

1. The answer should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.

2. The response also includes a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student's name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.

3. Also include a reference page. The Citations and references should follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length.

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