Identify psychographics for the identified target market


In this assignment, you will continue developing the marketing plan for either Adorable Annie's or Easy Peasy. You can use the Course Information Packetprovided for help in the assignment, however, you must also use outside research from books, websites, articles, and other relevant sources.

This week, you will again assume your role as an intern in the marketing department. You have been assigned an option to work with one of the company's clients, either Adorable Annie's (a shop that specializes in high-quality children's apparel and accessories) or Easy Peasy (a vegetable-based snack for kids and adults who are health conscious). This week, you will be working on the consumer analysis portion of your marketing plan.

You should include the following in your submission:

• Review the feedback your classmates and instructor provided last week to your submission for the marketing plan course project. Use that feedback to make any necessary changes to last week's portion of the marketing plan prior to beginning this week's portion of the marketing plan.

• Using the data included in your course packet, determine what variable or variables you will use to sort your data. Age and gender are often the easiest way to begin and should be based on your target market. Be sure to remove any survey responses that do not meet the criteria you have set (For example, if you are targeting Women 18-34 remove survey responses from anyone under age 18, over age 34 responses from men).

• Using the newly sorted data, develop a chart for each additional variable that is included in your target market statements for example-age range, gender, income range, or education of the target market. Remember you cannot have variables with different measurements scales on the same chart, so you cannot have marital status and income on the same chart.

• Develop a target market statement using the data provided and the format provided in the weekly lectures.

• Identify psychographics for the identified target market using the sample consumer profiles and outside research.

• Provide a written discussion of all your findings using the information found in the course packet, the lectures and readings, and outside research.

• Add the consumer analysis to your marketing plan from last week after making any required changes to the problem statement, research plan, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis sections.

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Marketing Management: Identify psychographics for the identified target market
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