Identify processes involved in identifying business problems


Respond to Discussion Questions with 150-200 words. In your efforts to provide the answers, I would like to encourage you to also use personal experiences in your responses. Also, cite information from your text to support your answer.

1. In solving problems, some simply fail to take time to think out the solutions. Earl Nightingale posited, the hardest thing for man to do is think. Many people panic when problems arise and tend to act out in a frantic manner. No matter what your circumstance or goals, no matter where you are or what problems you face, you are better off if you are in control of your thinking (Moore and Parker, 2012 p. 22).

How would you rate your thinking skills? How can you improve on those skills?

Moore, N. & Parker R. (2012). Critical Thinking (10thed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

2. In planning, there are various courses of actions that are considered before one plan is selected. This process not only allow managers to consider various events that may impact each plan but it also provide the management team with alternate plans if in the event the main plan fails and gives the organization a foundation rather than starting from scratch. Planning provides individuals and work units with a clear map to follow, at the same allow the map to be flexible enough to allow changes in conditions (Bateman and Snell, 2013). There are various tools that managers can use to assist them in planning such as executive decision-making software.

What are some other tools that can be used by managers to assist in their planning efforts? Elaborate on your response.

Bateman, T.S. & Snell, S.A. (2013). Management: Leading and Collaborating in the Competitive World (10th ed.) McGraw-Hill/Irwin, New York, NY

3. Identify the processes involved in identifying, formulating, and solving business problems?

4. How do different inputs, such as environment and people, affect decision making?


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