Identify and describe the brand description of their

Assignment : Rebranding a Business

Choose a brand who has recently Rebanded itself through its Marketing. This can include some of the
following activities; updating their image, changing their logo, significantly expanding their product line,
revamping their products. Research the company and answer the following questions in a 2-3 page
Journal Entry.

1. Identify and describe the brand. Description of their previous image as a brand.

2. Identify the reason for the rebranding. Why was the company trying to bring about change?

3. Thoroughly describe the rebanding that the company went through. Focus on at least three
areas of change for the rebranding; i.e. logo, product line, packaging, slogan, advertising,
endorsements, etc.

4. Do you think the rebranding was successful? Explain why or why not.
You will be graded on the content as well as your writing and mechanics which includes grammar,
spelling, punctuation, etc. Include an introduction and conclusion paragraph to pull your paper

Include any references used including our text and any articles or websites used in your paper.

Choosing your brand: Below is a list of options that you can use for your paper. You may use other

brands as long as it will meet the criteria and allow you to fully address all sections of the paper.



Old Spice

Beech-Nut Baby Food

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Marketing Management: Identify and describe the brand description of their
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