How you would instruct the trainee to perform the task

Complete the below in 4 page and yse APA format:


This chapter will teach you that training is an organized, systematic series of activities designed to continually enhance the work-related knowledge, skills, and performance of employees.


More specifically, you will be able to do the following after studying this chapter.

• Define training.

• Describe the need for training.

• Discuss how to assess training needs.

• Demonstrate how to provide training.

• Explain how to evaluate training.

• Describe the role of supervisors in providing trainers.

• Explain the need for training for the supervisor.


1- Text book, "Effective Supervision" by Goetsch


1- Training Plan Project- After reading and studying chapter 11, pp. 155-169, complete the following.

2- Object for Training Plan- After completing this project, you will have developed a training program for one of the employees you supervise or for your own job.


Select a position in your firm for which you are responsible or select your own position.

1) Write a job description outlining important areas of responsibility.

2) List the tasks necessary to produce the desired outcomes.

3) List the performance standards and how the standards will be measured.

4) Develop a training plan that you would use if you were going to train someone for the position.

*Remember to tell them how, show them how, let them try it, observe performance, and then retrain or praise. Include in your written plan:

1) Task to be performed

2) How you would instruct the trainee to perform the task.

3) How you would help the trainee see what good performance looks like.

4) How you would know if the trainee had learned to do the task correctly.

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