How you will incorporate this into your assessment

Discussion Post: Anxiety and Depression

Case Study: Nicole is a 35 year old woman who seeks counseling for anxiety and depression. She reports that she worries all the time about losing her job and losing her husband. She also worries about her children either getting into trouble or hurt. She doesn't feel she is good enough to be a wife or mom and fears she is hurting her family.
Based on your review of the class information (including the video and article) this week on anxiety and depression:

a. Provide 2 "take aways" that you learned from the information.

b. Elaborate on how you will incorporate this into your assessment or treatment of Nicole.

c. Then elaborate on how you might integrate faith and biblical principles into your counseling of Nicole.

The response must include a reference list. One-inch margins, double-space, Using Times New Roman 12 pnt font and APA style of writing and citations.

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Other Subject: How you will incorporate this into your assessment
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