How would you respond to your manager and why


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Learning focus: recognizing your personal ethical values, recognizing the importance of ethical values in the workplace, unique ethical dilemmas and decisions, personal ethical decisions

Following is a list of ethical issues that are significant in most workplaces and issues that are often associated with ethical dilemmas in organizations.

• invasion of privacy
• confidentiality of personnel information
• being penalized for refusing to do something in violation of common morality
• being penalized for after work conduct
• written reasons for demotion or transfer
• privacy related to accessibility of others to personnel files

Which one of these is personally most important - or would be most important - to you in the workplace and why?

Scenario: Assume you have frequently been late to work in the past several months, not for a specific reason except that you overslept several times, are often disorganized about getting your children to the school bus in the mornings, and about getting yourself ready for work. Your manager asked to meet tomorrow to discuss your tardiness. You are concerned you will be fired.

You are considering lying to your manager about the reason(s) for your tardiness.

How would you respond to your manager and why?

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Microeconomics: How would you respond to your manager and why
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