How would you assess the effectiveness of the tools

A structured performance management strategy is necessary at business. As part of this strategy, a new performance appraisal tool needs to be developed for warehouse associates, as well as the management staff. Your recommendation must be presented to the vice president (VP) of human resources in a PowerPoint presentation for her review.
Using Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection resources, research performance management and create a slide presentation that Answer the following:

Q1: Review the different performance appraisal tools, and make a recommendation for a tool to be used with warehouse associates and a tool to be used with management personnel.

Q2: Why did you choose the tools that you did? What impact will they have on the organization’s HR information systems (Internet, telecommunications and networks, software, hardware, data, simulations, e-learning)?

Q3: How would the tools be introduced in the work environment?

Q4: What role will these tools play in performance management? What kinds of descriptive and inferential statistics might now be used in the performance management system?

Q5: What role do they play in avoiding litigation?

Q6: How would you assess the effectiveness of the tools?

Your work should be fresh and original ,Your powerpoint must have 7 slides including title and reference page

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Other Management: How would you assess the effectiveness of the tools
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