How to resolve disputes

Question -

Connect ideas within the week readings into your personal experiences at work. In your entry:

Q1. Assess your dispute resolution skills in relationship to the concepts in the course readings.

Q2. Describe a situation at work that required you to think and/or implement ideas within the week readings.

Q3. What skills did you already have to help in the situation?

Q4.What skills could you build on after the readings to be better at resolving disputes in this type of situation?


a. Each journal entry should be five pages 2,6000 word limit in length and build on the concepts learned in the readings.
b. Casual tone is appropriate, but professional vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and punctuation is required.

You should follow the format of APA

Additional sources for the assignment:

Name of the course: Alternative disputes resolution

a.“Drafting ADR programs: Key Considerations and Specific Employer Programs”

b. “Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners Guide”

Business-to-Business, Mediation/Arbitration vs. Litigation.  BusinesstoBusiness_Meditation.pdf

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Other Management: How to resolve disputes
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