How to motivate employees

For this assignment, you are to use the text, the Internet to research the use of incentives in motivating employees.  Find an organization with a form of incentive you consider highly motivating.  Find an organization within your current industry or an industry where you would like to be employed in the future. Submit a report in which you describe, analyze and evaluate the incentive plan of your chosen company.  Include the following in your report:

1. Description of company, industry and incentive plan.

2. Distinguish why you think this particular plan is highly motivating and explain how it stimulates employee productivity.  Connect the plan to one or more models of motivation.

3. Evaluate how well the incentive plan supports a well-aligned compensation plan and   how the plan aligns the employees’ efforts to the organization’s mission and objectives.

4. Explain how this plan helps with the supervision, retention, and recruitment of employees.

5. Determine which of the following you feel would be the most valid format for performance appraisal to use with this incentive plan---standard ranking, paired-comparison ranking, standard rating scales, behaviorally-anchored rating scales, Management by Objectives or essay.

Justify your responses with reasons and examples.  Cite scholarly sources.

For the completion of above assignment and you have to make a report of 3 to 5 pages in word format.You should follow the APA format style.

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Other Management: How to motivate employees
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